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” Kolber ” for Piano Trio (2021) (world premiere)


” musica ballata ” for Violoncello and Bass Tronmbone (2017)


” von Liebe und anderen teufeln ” for Piano and String Orchestra (2011) – dedicated to the gypsy –


این و آن (this and that) for Flute and Piano (2019)


Symphony ”2016” for orchestra (2016) – Prof. Walter Hilgers gewidmet


Side of the nothing for Soprano and ensemble – texts by Alfred Edward Hausman, Victor Hofman, Federico García Lorca, Alireza Khiabani (2019)


Album for Keyboards Instruments 5 pieces for Harpsichord and Piano (2018-2019)


Hineni Quartett für Klarinette in A (Viola), Violine, Violoncello und Klavier (2015) . . . gewidmet in Dankbarkeit Herrn Professor Reinhard Wolschina


شما (You) for tenor and piano
9 Songs for Tenor and Piano on Poems by Ahmadreza Ahmadi (2008)
3 Songs for Tenor and Piano on Poems by Nima Yushij (2010)


Chargan – چارگان für Flöte und Schlagzeug (2015) für Ensemble Duo Soi


Fantasie in grün für Violoncello Solo ” from Here to Eternity ” (2014)  –  in Immenhausen


String Quartet No.4 in Memory of those remained alive (2013)


String Quartet No.3 (2012)


Suite for Solo Violoncello (2010)


Ravayat – روایت (epik) ein Präludium für Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr.2 von Johann Sebastian Bach (2014)