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accumulation of accumulation of accumulation

i am not sure, never-ever. but i thought about the system? for a long time. its relation with our modern stupidity.
the system, which supports and somehow in the modern way create many different sorts of accumulation.

ok, my problem: is there any accumulation good? what about capital accumulation? where money accumulates, how and why can anybody-somebody think about anything but money? they work in this ”systematic capital accumulation”, will die for it. even because of prejudice and coercion. their life depends on it.

now, my problem: accumulation of thought. academy. that could be more dangerous. this accumulation produces a human, who knows only about the philosophy of pmrbäf, who never hears about climate change, who cares about technology for technology, art for art, fuck for fuck, let’s say starve for starve. who has not any idea about racism, who doesn’t care about anything but own shit, who does not have any solution about anything. solution about the problem nr.qldm should be found with the guy nr.owkd and the solution nr.,liebvcfd should be solved by guy nr.üfdj.

in this system, you have to be the good boy of capital, because you are the child of capital. you are not allowed to ask about anything. you study, capital gives you work (but if you are a good boy), you will work, then comes money. he doesn’t give a shit about the other.

what is different between this guy and a guy who cares always about money? in capital accumulation, everything is about money. our health, our money, our death, the copyright, beethoven.

is that because of our modern or post-modern and development of our civilization? causes it to starve of million people? ok, let’s fuck our civilization.

but honestly, what is more dangerous than the accumulation of homo.

There is many different kind of accumulation. acc… of stupidity, acc… of hunger and acc… of acc….

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